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                     Thekkady is One of the Best Tourist Place in Kerala. On the way from Kumarakom to Thekkady we can see many tourist places such as Panchalimedu, Murinjapuzha waterfalls near to Kuttikanam and Parunthumpara. Entry gate of Thekkady tourist palace we have to take ticket Rs.33/-per person + Rs.20/- for bus ticket. Then only we can go to inside Thekkady tourist area covered with forest. Inside the tourist area privet vehicles are not allowed. From the gate there is their own bus, it will take us to the boat landing aria so we want to take Rs.20/- ticket. If we don’t take Rs.20/- for the bus  we have to walk near to 5 kilometers from the entry gate to Boat landing place. This 5 kilometer walking through forest is very nice and we will feel very happiness. Side of the road there is thick forest, some time animals can be seen, like Guar (Kattupothu), Rabbits, Deer and Snakes, and much type of Monkeys. After near to 5 kilometer journey by their bus or on foot from the entry gate we will reach Thekkady Boat Landing area where Boats takes tourist for Thekkady sightseeing. At the boat landing area also we can see many animals bur here various type of Monkeys. Biggest trees and its shades are very marvelous, on the trees every time monkeys will be playing. Some another area is very calm and quiet place in this forest. Continuously forest insect’s sound can be heard at there. Near to boat landing area one KTDC hotel is there covered with thick forest. Interested person can stay there who likes forest atmosphere day and night. It is very reasonable rate to their rooms. Because of this hotel is undertaken by government of Kerala.

                                     First boat
journey starts with tourists at 7.30 AM and last trip is at 3.30 PM. Ticket charge is Rs.225/- for adults and Rs.75/- for children below 12 years old. Cameras will be charged. Video cameras Rs.300/-, still cameras Rs.33/- and Mobile camera will not be charged. Please contact information centre to get charge related inquiries. Because of it could be changed frequently. Every person must be kept their IDs (Aadhar, Voters ID or Driving license) who would like to go to boating. ID must be shown before taking boat tickets. Without IDs boat ticket will not be issued. Our address and phone number must be written in the ticket booking form. It is just only for our safety purposes. After the Thekkady boat tragedy this system was started.

                                     Thekkady is One of the Best Tourist Place in Kerala. Anyway after taking boat ticket(s) go to boat landing area near to 300 meters from ticket counter.
First boat will start at 7.30 AM and last boat will start at 3.30 PM.  Try to go in first trip. Because if we go in first trip there are many possibilities to see wild animals like Elephants, Tigers and other Animals, till morning there was not any sound of boats so animals will come to lake to drink water, bathing  and they will be enjoying without disturbing of tourists. That’s why we tell you morning first trip is very good for boating sightseeing. But we are not sure to see animals, because everything is depended on whether and their moods. In another trip also we can see animals but comparatively less than first trip. So there will be heavy rush at the ticket counters. That’s why we must reach at the entry gate early morning 5.30 or before 6 O’clock. In this one-hour- thirty minutes boat journey some area Elephants, Gaur (Kattupothu), Tigers, group of Deer and different type of Birds, Peacocks can be seen. After 45 minutes of boat journey the boat will come back in same way to the point where we boarded into the boat. Return time also we can see many animals near the boat. Some time Elephants will come to drink water with their families including baby elephants. That is very beautiful seen. Most of the time baby Elephant will be playing with their mother or in water. When we see it, very happiness we will feel. That is the main seen from Thekkady. In the middle of Thekkady lake one resort is there, fully covered with thick forest. At mid night every time animal’s sound can be heard but full protection is there with forest guards so don’t worry about it. That resort’s rent is near to 15,000/-* for one day and night with all facilities. Thekkady is One of the Best Tourist Place in Kerala.

Now let us go to Munnar.


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