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                 Kumarakom is one of the most important tourist places at Kottayam district in Kerala. Kumarakom is almost covered with river, Vembanad Lake and backwaters. Many tourists are coming from foreign countries and North Indian tourists are also coming here for tour because that much natural beauty is there. More over there are lots of sightseeing and much type of House boats can be seen. When we travel by house bots or government boats we can see traditional fishing by the local fishermen. If we want we can purchase fresh fish from them or from the nearby boat jetty fish market, like Pearl fish, Prawns, Crabs and other river fishes. To see sight seen there are many big and small boats. Boats are day or night and hours wise also available. Hour wise charge is Rs. 500/- on wards and full day and night charges are depends upon boat size and number of persons and bedrooms. House boat bedrooms are like star hotels. And they provide full safety even at night, so don’t worry about anything. One of the best house boat operator is Indraprastham Houseboats in Kumarakom.They charge only reasonable rate. If we once visited again we would visit, that much beauty is there. Staying at lake view resorts day and night we can enjoy beauty of God’s own country. Some of the resorts made cottages bank of Vembanad Lake and If we wantKerala’s traditional food will also be given there. Kerala’s traditional foods are Kappa Meenkari (these are combination) , Puttu Kadala (these are combination), Appam Meenkari (these are combination), Karimeen Pollichathu-this is one of the very popular dish in Kumarokom, and Porotta Meen Kari (these are combination),

                                                          Bird sanctuary in Kumarakom                                  

                               Another important tourist place in Kumarakom is bird sanctuary (known as Pakshisangetham) at Kumarakom. In this place various types of birds can be seen migrated from other countries, migratory
birds are coming from Mongolia & Siberia etc… but it is only for a short time purpose only, after some days or some months they will go bake to their native from where they came. These types of birds make some problems to farmers, some of the farmer’s cultivations could be destroyed by these birds. So they are worried about these migratory birds. Anyway when we visit this bird sanctuary many beautiful birds could be seen and it gives us very happiness. This bird sanctuary is situated like a small forest at the bank of Vembanad Lake. From the gate of bird sanctuary till end of it we feel like a forest journey, both sides are trees and bushes and creeping plants more over fully shade with trees and its branches. It is just a narrow way only. Both side of the way we can see water snakes, monitor lizards (Udumbu) tortoises and fishes etc… but they are not much dangerous to us. After 35 to 45minutes journey we will reach end of the bird sanctuary where we planned to see bird sanctuary in Kumarakom. After reaching there we can see two watch towers with near to 50 meters height, from the top of watch tower various type of birds can be seen, it is very fantastic sight seen. There is no any shop or hotel in this 45 minutes journey. So if we want food should be kept in our hand. Many families and couples are coming here to enjoy their free time and for relaxation. I am sure that you will like this place and once again you will visit here.

Place:- Kavanatinkara, is near to 3 kilomers from Kumarakom.


                                                        Pathiramanal in Kumarakom                                                 

                                    And another important tourist place is Pathiramanal in Kumarakom. One of the best tourist place in Kerala.
This place is situated in the middle of the Vembanad Lake. It looks like a small forest island. It is very silent area. When we come here we can go back from here evening but our food should be kept because there is no any hotel or tea shop to buy any food. And return boat must be arranged or we will be trapped here. But don’t worry, normally the boat will come back to take you who dropped you here. One day tour is enough here. Keep away single journey to avoid any incidents. There is no any roadway to get there. We have to take only house boats and country boats. All above mentioned places are 5 to 6 kilometer radius only from Kumarakom Junction. So first we have to reach Kumarakom Junction (Kumarakom Boat Jetty) then we want to arrange house boats here or after 3 kilometers one more place is there to get House Boats and other boats. That place name is Kavanattinkara.

                                       Nearest Airport is Cochin International Airport (Nedumbhashery 78 kilometers, approximately 2 hours by road). Nearest Railway station is Kottayam, 16 kilometers and near to 30 minutes by road. From Aleppey (known as Alappuzha) also we can reach by house boat. That would be one and half hour journey by house boat. This journey is also very fantastic and we can enjoy very well with family or couple. One of the best tourist place in Kerala.

After visiting here Kumarakom we can go to another One of the best tourist place in Kerala. That is Thekkady. Kumarakom to Thekkady is near to 130 kilometers. And another tourist place is Munnar.160 kilometers from Kumarakom. Both are Very nice place. From Kumarakom first we have to go Thekkady then Munnar that is the best way. Finely after visiting Munnar we can go to Cochin Air port. This is the best way if we want to visit these three places.
It means Cochin International Airport to Kumarakom then Thekkady after that Munnar then again to Cochin International Airport.
So, let us go to another One of the best tourist place in Kerala.

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