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FREE English class website in Malayalam. Ww give FREE English class to all school college students and IELTS & OET students. More over we give one Free English grammar.

            Short forms are used to write or to say in short sentence. When we write or say short form in English it is very comfortable to express our actions. Explain with full forms will be very difficult to communicate and time will also be lost. That is why very person likes short forms to write and to say. In fact direct or indirect, we all are saying or writing short forms, like SMS,MEMU train,PIN,SIM,SBT,DGP,PRO,SP,SI, ICU, etc…. 

            So, short forms can’t ignore in our daily works even in our life. It means or so everyone likes to say or to write short forms. Nowadays short forms also have very important in our life. In information (Computer related) technology, all are using short forms. That is why
we recommend to study following short forms.

If we know these shot forms will be an advantage in your life and exams.

So let us start ….


AC             Alternating current                      

AC             Air Conditioner

ACP          Assistant commissioner of police

AD            Anno Domini

AE            Assistant Engineer

AEO         Assistant Educational Officer

AI            Air India 

AIDS        Acquired Immune deficiency syndrome

AIIMS      All India Institute of Medical Science

AK 47      Kalashnikov

AM          Ante meridiem  

ANM       Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery

APL         Above Poverty  Line

AR camp  Armed Reserve Camp

ASI          Assistant Sub-Inspector

ACP         Assistant Commissioner of Police

ASP        Assistant  Superintendent of Police

ATM       Automated Teller Machine

BA          Bachelor of Arts

BARC      Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

BBC         British Broadcasting Corporation

BC           Before Christ     Bachelor of commerce

BE           Bachelor of Engineering

Bed        Bachelor of Education

B.ham    Bachelor of Pharmacy

BP          Bharat Petroleum

BP          Blood Pressure

BPL        Below Poverty Line

Bsc         Bachelor of Science

BSE        Bombay Stock Exchange

BSF        Border Security Force

BSNL      Bharath Sanchar Nigam Limited

CA         Chartered Accountant

CBI        Central Bureau of Investigation

CBSE     Central Board of Secondary Education

CCTV     Closed-Circuit  Television            

CD         Compact Disc

CI         Circle Inspector  

CIBIL    Credit Information Bureau India Limited               

CID       Criminal Investigation Department

CM       Chief Minister

CNC     Computer  Numerical Controlled  

            cutting machine

CNN     Cable News Network  to give link

CPU      Central Processing Unit

CRP      Central Reserve Police

CST      Central Sale Tax

KST      Kerala Sale Tax

CT SCAN  Computed Tomography

DC       Direct Current

DD      Demand Draft

DND   Do Not Disturb

DSLR  Digital Single Lens Reflex

DVR   Digital Video Recorder

DYSP     Deputy Superintendent  of Police

ECG    Electrocardiography

FM      Frequency Modulation

EMI    Equated Monthly Installment

E-mail  Electronic mail

ESI     Employees’ State Insurance

FCI     Food Corporation of India

FD      Fixed Deposit                                     

GM     General Manager

GST   Goods and Service Tax

HDFC   Housing Development Finance Corporation

HIV     Human Immunodeficiency Virus

HM      Hindustan Motors

HMT    Hindustan Machine Tools

HO      Head Office

HP      Hindustan Petroleum

HSS    High Speed Steel

IA      Indian Airlines

IAS   Indian Administrative Service

IB     Intelligence Bureau

IC     Integrated Circuit

ICU  Intensive Care Unit

IDBI    Industrial Development Bank of India

IELTS  International English Language Learning


IG       Inspector General


INR    Indian Rupee

IP       In Patient

IPS     Indian Police Service


ISD     International Subscriber Dialing  

IQ       Intelligence Quotient

IRDA   Insurance Regulatory and Development


ISI      Indian Slandered Institute

ISO     International Standard Organization

ISRO  Indian Space Research Organization

IT       Information Technology

 IIT      Indian Institute of Technology     

IT       Income Tax

JCB    J C Bamford         Excavators  Limited

KSEB   Kerala State Electricity Board

KYC    Know Your Customer

LC       Letter of Credit

LCD     Liquid Crystal Display

LDC     Lover Division Clark

LDR     Light Dependent Resistor  

LOC     Line Of Control

MA      Master of Arts 

MBA   Master of Business Administration

MCA   Master of Computer Application   Mater of Commerce

MEMU  Mainline Electric Multiple Unit

MLA      Member of Legislative Assembly

MMS     Multimedia Messaging Service

MO       Money Order

MP       Member of Parliament    Master of Science

MSW   Mater of Social Work                 
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